A majestic castle and prestigious churches in a delightful town in Roero

The splendid municipality of Guarene was born as a settlement located on the slopes of the hill, but over time its inhabitants moved higher, at the foot of the Castle, where the current village stands.

Walking through Guarene we can admire one of the most elegant and intact historical centres of the whole Roero, with a part of the town perched on the top of a hill that offers breathtaking views over the Tanaro plain. Thanks to the Architinera project you can stroll through the winding streets of the town accompanied by an audio guide that will tell you the historic centre, among churches, palaces, monuments and ancient stories.

Historically the territory of Guarene passed from the feudal dominion of the Bishops of Alba to the powerful Roero family, and subsequently to the Savoy House.

Worthy of note are the majestic Castle of Guarene, the church of San Rocco, the church of San Michele, the church of San Pietro and San Bartolomeo, the Re Rebaudengo palace and the church of the Santissima Annunziata, which houses wonderful frescoes among fake architectures and dizzying games of perspective.

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