The “Sentieri Dei Frescanti” Project

The “Sentieri dei Frescanti” embrace seven centuries of art and history, revealing a series of fascinating and precious frescoes painted between the 10th and 18th centuries in the evocative territory of Roero.

The territory presents a very complex monumental and artistic reality, expression of centuries of culture and succession of noble properties, which the project intends to make known in a more widespread way.

The project was born, thanks to the funding granted by the CRC Foundation, from the synergy of nine municipalities: Castagnito, Castellinaldo d’Alba, Ceresole d’Alba, Guarene, Magliano Alfieri, Monticello d’Alba, S. Stefano Roero, Vezza d’Alba, Santa Vittoria d’Alba.

The historical consultancy is entrusted to the Alba section of “Italia Nostra” through prof. Walter Accigliaro, a Councillor of the Association.

In addition to the aforementioned CRC Foundation and Italia Nostra section of Alba, the institutional partners of the project are the Compagnia di San Paolo, the Order of the Knights of San Michele del Roero, the Diocese of Alba and the Ecological museum of the Rocche del Roero.

The driving force behind everything is the common desire to make the architectural and artistic riches of Roero known, through the construction of a structured and functional “network” to promote the historical and artistic heritage of the area.

Con la partecipazione dei Comuni di:

Castellinaldo d’Alba
Ceresole d’Alba
Magliano Aflieri
Monticello D’Alba
Santa Vittoria d’Alba
S. Stefano Roero
Vezza d’Alba

Con il contributo di:


Con la collaborazione di:

Italia Nostra
Ecomuseo delle Rocche
Roero Bike Tour
Ordine dei Cavalieri di San Michele del Roero